Custom Cut CDROM and DVDROMs

Establishing brand identity is critical in the new age of marketing and advertising. When was the last time you saw a computer without a CD-ROM drive?  CD business cards are the perfect way to exploit that fact!   Shape CDs (business card CDs) are perfect for trade shows and focused marketing campaigns. Creating shaped CDs and mini CDs for your marketing campaign can give you a leg up from your competition. Not only will the disc face have your information printed on it, but you can add something about your company on the media.

Amidea is the media industry's preferred source for CD business cards, shaped CD ROM discs, and "die cut" CD ROM discs. We pride ourselves on turnaround time, quality, and outstanding customer service and communication.  With a plant cutting capacity of over 25,000 discs per day, we are the company to turn to for any size project.

Minimum order quantity for cut CDs is 500. Please see the templates below for ideas on shape and data size. We can also do other custom shapes for larger orders.

58mmhockey 80mm mini round 5866sq cut CD house Cut CD

Hexagone Jet Cut mini round cut cog_cut

CDR/DVDR Printing and Duplication

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  We at Amidea International strive to make your products first impression count!

Amidea offers thermal printing, offset printing and silk screen printing directly on CDRs and DVDRs.   Printing can be one color black, full color printing or PMS/Spot color printing. In addition to printing on discs we also offer printed paper and packaging options to create a complete package.

Minimum order quantity for Thermal printing is 50 and 500 for Offset and Silk Screen printing on silver CDR/DVDR. Delivery time is 2-10 days from the time the order is placed based on the printing type. Rush service available at additional cost.

Want to add a custom flair to each disc? Ask about our disc serialization. We can print a unique serial number or barcode directly on each disc. Variable printing adds value to your product by giving it that “custom” look and feel.

Duplication or replication orders will need additional time. Call us today for a quote and if you need further information.